Candice Hozza

Spiritual Strategist and a Business Intuitive

Guiding individuals to harmonize their purpose, passion, and profits using the Akashic Records.

Danielle Kane

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner, Podcast Host

Host of The Conscious Broadcast

Dr. Andrea Renee Rivera

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Founder of CHILLAX OM Foundation

Jacqueline Kane

Master Energy Healer

Master Energy Healer, Low Back Pain Specialist, Lead Author of The Energy Medicine Solution

Janine Kathleen Shapiro

Personal Leadership Coach

Personal Leadership Coach, Healer, Host of Mindset Alchemy Podcast

Jeffrey Carriera

Spiritual Guide, Meditation Teacher & Mystic Philosopher

Nicole Gibbs

Healing Meditation Musician, Meditation Guide, EEG Technologist

Awakening Mass Meditations

Pamela Downes

Trance Channeler and Psychic Intuitive

Expert Channeler, Psychic Intuitive and Founder of Spirit Calling

Phil Kreutzer

Intuitive Guide, Somatic Energy Worker, Transformational Coach

Supporting You in Feeling Your Way to Freedom

Susan Kullman

Spiritual Life Coach, Somatic Dducator, and Yoga Therapist