Spirit Calling

A Journey of Transformation
with Pamela Downes

Embark on a journey of profound self-discovery with

Pamela Downes

Visionary Founder of Spirit Calling

Pamela’s story is one of a spiritual awakening, sparked by the mysteries of life after death and a yearning to explore the spiritual world.

Following her father’s passing, Pamela immersed herself in a quest for meaning, navigating the realms of energy healing, the law of attraction, and the boundless potential of the human spirit. Fueled by psychic encounters, synchronicities, and the revelation of her reality-shaping abilities, Pamela heeded an inner call to embrace a path of self-discovery.

Her transformation unfolded through shamanic journeys, Reiki healing, Akashic records block release, and a profound connection with psychic medium Rich B – a spiritual friend who guided her for eight transformative years. The pinnacle of this period arrived when Pamela recognized that Ayahuasca and Rythmia Life Advancement Center were the next steps in her journey, catapulting her into an experience that heightened her psychic abilities and awakened all her Clare senses.

A Divine Calling

Before Spirit Calling, Pamela’s path was not a departure from a conventional job but a profound calling that echoed through her spiritual being. In 2020, she experienced a compelling vision to create a portal for humankind, a sanctuary for those navigating their spiritual awakening journey.

“Spirit Calling, Spirit Calling” echoed in her ears, urging her to create a space where individuals could land safely amidst the upheavals of life. A year of persistent nudges from the universe followed, urging her to build this portal. One day, she finally surrendered, saying, “OK, I’m ready, send me the resources, send me the people, and I’ll build it.” The Universe’s response came swiftly, and she was able to create Spirit Calling in March 2023, with the steadfast support of a dear friend.

Navigating Solitude

to Community

Reflecting on her own spiritual awakening, Pamela recalls the isolation she felt. Unable to share her experiences with family due to their differing beliefs, she pressed forward, driven by a thirst for discovery and wonder. It was a solitary yet determined journey, marked by classes, workshops, youtube videos, and library visits.

As she evolved spiritually, so did her surroundings. Fearlessly making significant decisions, like divorcing her husband, Pamela leaned on her inner guidance rather than external opinions. The hunger for new experiences and knowledge led her to diverse spiritual practices and communities.

Spirit Calling Today

Spirit Calling has become a thriving community, offering classes, tools, and a nurturing space for members to heal their mind, body, and spirit. Pamela, a seasoned Creative Intuitive and Trance Channeler, possesses a unique skill set. The former allows her to tap into the visions of others, guiding them authentically. The latter involves raising her vibration to connect with angelic beings, channeling divine guidance and messages for the community.

In the last two years, this trance channeling has allowed her to access profound insights and glimpses into the future. With joy in her heart, Pamela utilizes this wisdom to guide individuals in understanding their spirit and fulfilling their soul’s purpose.

Join Spirit Calling today, connect with the community, and let the Great Council of Light accompany you on your extraordinary spiritual journey. Together, we unlock the fullest potential within.

About the

Healers and Practitioners

Embarking on a spiritual journey often involves navigating the intricate landscape of healers and practitioners, a journey that our founder, Pamela Downes, intimately understands. In her personal quest for spiritual growth, she faced the struggle of discerning whom to trust and which practitioners resonated with her journey. It was this very challenge that enhanced Pamela’s vision for Spirit Calling—to create a sanctuary where seekers could find everything they needed in one place.

At Spirit Calling, we understand the importance of a trusted support system on your spiritual path. We’ve curated a select group of healers and practitioners who share our commitment to authenticity and empowerment. Each member of our healing community is dedicated to guiding you through your unique journey, providing a diverse array of expertise to support your mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you’re seeking energy healing or intuitive guidance, our healers and practitioners are here to walk alongside you. Trust in the wisdom of our curated team as they contribute to the collective of Spirit Calling, helping you navigate your spiritual awakening with clarity and confidence.

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