Energy Management for Empaths

FELL THAT? Daily practices for being a healthy empath

Being empathic is more than merely feeling the people and world around you. Being an empath means you experience the people and world around you. The number of neural impulses and stressors on our bodies and minds is immeasurable, which means we are in a constant state of taking in new information every second of our awake moments. Babies and children learn by feeling, information is drawn into their bodies through their skin, and it’s why they crawl, put things in their mouths, and touch everything.

As an empath, that learning capability was never desensitized. You continue to learn through your skin. In addition, your other senses strengthened to create a combination of constant, alert, neural input through sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, AND energy through the skin. Of course, you’re overwhelmed!

In this mini-course, you will learn vital tools and practices to help you cope and transmute energy with more ease in your daily life. Empower yourself with tricks of the energy management trade to create a state of peace wherever you are.

SpiritCalling · January 9, 2023

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